cute lingerie set by ppz

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”― Edward Everett Hale

So while I am doing this post, I still can’t believe that I can do such posing for a lingerie brand such as PPZ.

PPZ is a fashion lingerie brand established in Michigan, USA since 2001. PPZ strives to find the balance between casual and elegance due to delicate fabrics, simple and fashion style. Ergonomic design makes PPZ lingerie ultra skin-touch and comfortable. PPZ advocates, “Life Just Loves Yourself“, PPZ aims to help more women to express enthusiasm and vigor in life.

As someone who’s a little insecure about her body, it’s quite a challenge to promote a product that requires showing off not just part of the skin, but also real self-confidence. I was even skeptical at first when I said yes to PPZ when they offered this brand collaboration. But kkkk, who doesn’t love challenges? I may be insecure but I’m not that coward to say NO to such challenge. 😀

It was also a perfect time because I was in fact looking for new lingerie sets online as I already need to do some updating on my undergarments. It’s something that’s again so hard to find, especially for someone who’s not so blessed with full chest, like me (lol). I’m just so glad I have accepted this PPZ Lingerie collaboration because the lingerie set I got from was so perfect that I could wear it every day. Haha! I just love how exclusive this lingerie brand is, from the materials used such as the hooks that have PPZ brand’s name embellished and the fabric itself that’s soft, thick and so comfy to wear. You can even make it as a swimwear because of its thick fabric that won’t show your treasure down there. 😉









Check out PPZ online store for more lingerie options and enjoy 20% off your first order. Thinking of updating your lingerie collection this 2017? Grab PPZ’s FLASH SHALE up to 90% by clicking the banner below!





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