“Appreciation involves being alert to the positive aspects of the current situation and feeling thankful for what one has and for one’s circumstances. This requires not only a positive perspective in the present but also conscious awareness of features in the surround. The latter, in fact, is something that may be surprisingly rare. Especially when we are engaging in routine activities, we often do so mindlessly or as though we were on automatic pilot. If we learn to bring our attention to the current state, we can choose to focus on positive aspects of the situation and to remind ourselves of the potential sources of good feelings that might otherwise pass unnoticed.”― Sandra L. Schneider

springI’m totally loving this effortlessly stylish look made out of combining old and new clothes! Perfect for the fast approaching Spring season! I got this Printed Cartoon Knitwear  just recently from Zaful, while this pair of vintage high waisted pants were one of my greatest cheap finds way back when I was still in the Philippines. I got these pants together with my other high waisted pants for only 50php which is equivalent to almost 1euro. At first, I didn’t like the cut because it sort of flattens my butt but I love how the length perfectly fits my height so I still bought it. JUST don’t mind the very stylish rips. It’s such a loser I know. It was my attempt to make a pair of ripped jeans. I never thought that the process requires a lot of patience and effort. When I realised the mess I got myself into with,  I just ripped the legs of the pants with a sharp blade and let the frequent washing do the styling. 😀 Also, thanks to my careless self for always bending my knees. Now the pants are even classier with this big hole. 😀















Outfit details: Zaful Knitwear | Forever 21 Sunnies | Thrifted Vintage High Waisted Pants | Converse Shoes

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