valentine’s day giveaway – free love tag bracelet!

A Lovetag is a simple piece of jewellery that contains a declaration of love, which is both private and secret. The letters can symbolise a unique connection to a loved one, a sibling or close friend. Create a unique and personal piece of jewellery with Jane Kønig’s Lovetags. The collection of Lovetags comprises both Lovetag necklaces, Lovetag bracelets and Lovetag pendants.

(Extra) Giddy week is coming!! VALENTINE’S DAY – the only day we celebrate romantic love throughout the year. But, it’s not just a regular Valentine’s Day for me. This is the first time I’ll be celebrating this day with my love, made even special because of the fact that it’s our first year as a married couple! I’m in such a good mood for – you guessed it – a GIVEAWAY!

First and foremost, I’d love to introduce you to Jane Kønig’s Lovetags – they’re necklaces, bracelets and pendants that can hide a private and secret love letter. Flowers wilt, but these love tags stay with you for a long time (given that you don’t lose them). These tags contain letters that symbolize someone close to you – a girlfriend, a boyfriend, your fiancé or your husband or wife.  Each tag can be grouped into a maximum of three. Say, one letter referring to your name, another referring to your loved one, a number to represent a special date or a heart symbol just to symbolize your love. Colors come in Rhodinated Silver, Rose Gold-plated Silver, Sterling Silver, Forgyldt Silver.  Not enticed yet? One hundred fourteen thousand followers of Jane Koenig in Instagram can’t be wrong.


Finally, for all the support and love you lovelies  have given my wifey and I throughout the year, we’re giving you our love back by giving away this Jane Kønig Love Tag bracelet. It’s a gold-plated bracelet with the symbols M and D – which obviously represents our initials, Mutzii and Daria. ❤ If you win this giveaway, you will have a chance to customise the letters as you preferred.


Are you ready for the mechanics? It’s as simple as it can get. Read on:


  1. Follow theshoenazi on Facebook and @theshoenazi on Instagram
  2. Follow Jane Kønig on Facebook and @janekoenig on Instagram
  3. Post this on your Facebook wall or Repost my Giveaway on Instagram with caption: “I want this Love Tag Bracelet from Jane Kønig with letters (your 2 fave letters). Hope I win theshoenazi’s (tag theshoenazi) giveaway!
  4. Leave comment below or on theshoenazi’ FB / IG with your name, FB & IG

The lucky winner will be announced here and on my FB / IG on February 14th!





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