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life in pink

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” ― Barack Obama


Hello lovelies and hello March! ❤

I was MIA for over two weeks ­– I know. The reason?


Source: Loryn Brantz Books and Illustration

And this is the reason why as much as possible I stopped creating so many plans in my head. My goal now is to focus with one solid plan and give my very best to achieve it.

On the other side of story, I have been quite busy with my social life. YESSS. Aside from the coffee-and-booze-with-the-parents usual weekend routine, we had a spontaneous trip to Berlin to attend a friend’s birthday party last weekend. It was a total fun weekend because

1) It was our first time to commute – so obviously the beautiful but overly paranoid Daria was sort of ‘out of reach’. The idea of getting lost in the city freaks this girl out that you can’t speak to her in this kind of situation (insert rolling eyes here).

2) We made it to Kathae & Joan’s home in one piece! Without even asking Jo to fetch us 😀 Although, going back home was a slight struggle because we got on the wrong train and it was almost late night. But, at least, we know how to commute now!

3) We met a few good people from the birthday party and we absolutely enjoyed every second of that night. Or it could be because we had great hosts. 😉 The Card Against Humanity game was hilarious that I almost got my jaw locked from laughing out loud. Lols. Daria even wanted to buy cards for us to play at home because she just couldn’t get enough of this game.

4) I needed this trip. As mentioned above, I was doing a lot of thinking lately that makes things more complicated. So many plans, ideas and yet none of these seem to happen… I wanted a temporary destruction so I thought of waking up my sleeping social life thru attending Jo’s birthday. The truth is, we even almost cancelled the trip because we both were feeling so down. With me, I was on my PMS while Daria, somehow, was suffering from ‘pre-birthday depression’. But thank God, we were able to brush the sadness off and still pushed the trip.

A week before that, we also had a birthday party at home. It was Mudra’s birthday, Daria’s great mom. While two days ago, it was Daria’s birthday. So many birthdays that I think we’re abusing our body already –– too much eating & drinking . 😐

Anyhows, to celebrate Daria’s birthday, I asked her to wear pink! She’s not into pink so much that she cringes the thought of wearing girly pinky clothes but this Side Split High Low Hem Pullover Hoodie from Sammydress was a different story. The birthday girl liked it so much that she actually didn’t want to take it off. Another great choice from Sammydress Collection












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