spring must-haves

Hello people!

The owner of this blog has obliged me to write a post today due to her lack of time. That’s why here I am!


My first ever blog post is about things what I would love to see in my closet this Spring Season. Read below 😀


I love this pair of Zip Cuff Frayed Knee Hole Dark Wash Jeans. It’s crazy just like me! I like how the fancy zippers turned a boring pair of pants into a stylish one. I’m able to style it however I want. It’s also ripped on the knees so it looks pretty awesome. Very street style, which I can pair whether with my Mustang Chelsea Boots and with Nike Jordan’s collection. I also like its color. Dark coloured jeans make me look skinny. It’s my secret to looking slim in photos even if in real I have a pair of big thighs! LOL. Definitely would like to have it in my closet!


This Geometric Pattern V-Neck Single-Breasted Cardigan is something I would love to have this Spring Season. It has nice a colour combination and geometric patterns. I have always loved black and white as a pattern, especially with clothes and tattoos. If only my wife, which happens to be the owner of this blog, would let me have big tatts in my body, I could have had a lot amazing geometric tatts already. But well I wanna stay alive so I just get contented with my old humble inks. LOL. So going back to this cool cardigan, I would pair it with solid black skinny jeans and go for a date with my gorgey wifey.


Crew Neck Sweatshirts are my current favourites! One of them that I would love wear this Spring is this Crew Neck Color Blocked Striped Sweatshirt. Stripes is my greatest weakness ever since and I’m also in love with green stuff, green like you know the forbidden plant. LOL. half kidding! Added to that is the fact that my wife is obsessed with green stuff. We have everything green at home. Even my car couldn’t get away from her obsession because one day, I just saw a green stuffed toy frog smiling at me inside my car. It’s just recently that I had to remove it from where she hanged it because I honestly can’t see the road anymore (rolling eyes)


Sun is shining and so are you! I would love to have another Crew Neck Color Block Stripes Sweater in my closet. As I have said above, I love stripes so this sweater is indeed a must-have for a sweater + stripes lover like me. I would like to wear this cool sweater for a walk or nature tripping, most especially this Spring when the weather is amazing. An afternoon spent by the lake with a cold bottle of beer in my hand, even my wifey would for sure join me!




    1. Thank you! 😁 Well I’m very talented but shy person and that’s actually my intention to take over this blog 😂


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