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[tips] how to wear stick-on / self-adhesive bra

“A push up bra is like a bag of chips, you open it and it’s half empty.” 😀

As you have noticed I didn’t include the ‘push up’ word in the title of this post. It’s obviously because I have the hopeless case. As you can see – there-is-nothing-to-push – AT ALL. But wearing a pair of stick-on or self-adhesive bra (despite of not being able to optimise the purpose of it in terms of ‘pushing up’), has been a big big solution to my wardrobe problem. I have a pair of cutesy patootsy bewbsy (and proud of it) but I friggin hate it whenever I have twisted or falling off straps. Most especially, whenever the bra rides up when I lift my arms! Que horror! Thanks to the smart-ass people behind Colleer though! Now I don’t have to worry about my bra showing whenever I wear backless evening dresses, ball gowns or wedding dresses!

i love its reusable pouch. so perfect for traveling! ❤

i made the transaction late in the afternoon and got the package the next day. so so fast!

And because I’m so happy of this wonder bra, here are tips to wear Colleer Self-Adhesive Silicon Naked Invisible Backless Bra:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror, gently hold yourself and start placing one cup at a time, starting below your breast and moving upwards
  2. Using the click in between the cups to attach them together (ensuring they will not move, and giving you more cleavage (only if there’s something to push tho)!
  3. To remove, start from the top and gently pull down
  4. Clean your bra after every use with warm water and mild soap, holding the cup in your palm (adhesive face up)
  5. Air dry, hanging upside down. Make sure it is completely dry before using again!
  6. Store the bra by replacing the protective film over it, put it back in the traveling bag it came in.
  7. Wear it within 6 hours every time.

Shop Self-Adhesive Sticky Silicon Bra here!



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