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[outfit] VIPme polka dot A line dress

“As adults we get so entrapped in illusions and trivia, that we forget the true essence of life; and so often we need to connect with children, to understand that it is the little, priceless joys that make life beautiful and worthy.”― Manprit Kaur

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Dearest Lovelies,

Today is about everything beautiful! We had a beautiful weather (27degrees!) and I’m wearing a beautiful dress and beautiful shoes! I love love everything in this outfit, especially this White Short Sleeve Polka Dot A Line Dress! It’s a little big to me but this belt (that I purchased from kid’s section) was my hero! The dress comes with its own belt but I chose to wear a black one to accentuate the high waist. I love how it looks summery, dressy and at the same time casual (to almost formal). Exactly, the perfect dress that I imagined for the wedding that we’re gonna attend to in August, which is summer here in Europe. The see-through effect makes it perfect as a summer outfit because it makes you feel comfortable and fresh. On the other hand, it’s a see-through but the cut and style remains conservative, still making it as the perfect outfit for a wedding event. I chose these boots to make the entire look extra stylish, edgy and sophisticated. Plus, these boots are not hot to the feet and don’t hurt at all when worn. I tried it today so I am really sure now that I will have not just a comfy but also the right outfit for the occasion. Thanks to VIPme! I would’ve not thought of purchasing these shoes if not of this fab dress that I got from them.

See for yourself how gorgeous they are when worn! 🖤














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