[outfit] embroidered flamingo straw tote bag

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.”― Joseph Addison


Dearest lovelies,

I had another sumptuous sleep last night. As I have mentioned in my post on Instagram (see image below), I had trouble sleeping this week due to our hot weather. I can’t complain how beautiful the days were from Monday to Wednesday. Too beautiful that I was walking home after school just to full enjoy these rare moments of having so beautiful weather here. But during these nights, it was really uncomfortable for me to sleep.

For sure, my cold compress will be my dearest companion again in my sleep this coming summer. Even when I was still in the Philippines where the weather is extremely hot (30°–39°), my compress filled in with ice cubes has been my constant cure to sleepless nights and migraine. In fact, I welcomed the first morning of Spring with a painful head. Thank God though because the past two days were great nights for me. That’s because we had gloomy weather. It feels soooo good to stay in bed and sleep the whole day (if only possible).

Anyhows, I was not exaggerating when I said we had a beautiful hot weather here because as you can see I can already wear my dress with spaghetti straps and WITHOUT a jacket. Although, I decided to wear this pair of thick warm embellished boots because we still have a little cold weather in the afternoons. I paired this minimal outfit with this stunning Embroidered Flamingo Straw Tote Bag, giving the whole look a summer vibe. Actually this can be a perfect Coachella outfit (if only we have something like that here and that’s what I need to find out :D) Also, I wore this self adhesive stick on bra in this outfit. OMG, it was great!!






On the other hand, I got a little depressed because we didn’t have good photos. Almost everything was blur and grainy. I had to forgive my dearest photographer cos she doesn’t usually like taking photographs in the street with a couple of people or cars passing by. 😐






Where do you lovelies usually take your outfit photos? In a more secluded place or in random streets? I prefer random streets or a place with wide vacant place (like the one below). With less people, of course. Although people aren’t a big deal to me when I am the photographer. Candid shots are even perfect with curious passers-by in the background: P


Wish you all a gorgeous warm weekend!




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