[outfit] little black beaded dress

“The world seems to want us to be sad and angry because bad things frequently happen. But I say we should feel the opposite. We should be happy and cheerful because good things happen. We should be delighted to see the sun rise and stars glow and rainbows color stormy skies. We should savor every simple breath and eat each meal with gratitude. We should slumber in sweet dreams and relish moments of laughter and love. We should take more notice of the joys and kindnesses that do exist, still dictating the actions of millions of good people all over the world. Life is filled with pleasant moments, not just grief. We should be happy because this is true.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Dearest Lovelies,

A few days ago, I told the wife that I’d prolly stop wearing dress because I always end up looking like half my age, especially here in Europe. In an attempt to look a bit mature, I even bought myself a pair of high heeled shoes and paired it with one of my dresses, which I tried to pull off at this outfit. I don’t know, for me the whole outfit still looked ‘pretty’ and not beautiful. You know the term pretty is to a girl and beautiful is to a woman or lady. I feel like I would never reach that level. And yet today, I still ended up wearing a dress. Why! Cos this dress is so so gorgeous that wearing a dress is something like a habit that’s hard to break for me. It’s addicting.

As you can see, even if I already wore a black one, I still looked so cheeky and sassy like that spirit of a clumsy teenager who loves sneaking home against her parent’s will! 😀 Well, what can I do? We can’t force ourselves to be something or someone that’s not really our personality, right? So, for now, I think I wouldn’t worry much about how I look with dress because I actually still have a lot of dress that I have not worn and shared here yet with you, lovelies.  Stay tuned? 😀




About this dress: I absolutely love the beads design and the thick tulle bottom. I tried this out because I was searching for a tulle skirt online but everything seemed to look thin. But this one, as you can see is balloony enough that you don’t need to wear a petticoat under just to make it bulgy. Also, it’s so stylish that you can even wear it for a dinner, party or formal event. I always loved clothes that I could maximise to the fullest, meaning something that I could wear for everything. And this dress is one of them!






Kkkkk, gotta rush now because it would again take forever for me to fix myself. Talk about preparing! Yep, we’re going out. It’s a beautiful sunny day and who would want to stay at home and waste time indeed, right? Before I say bye bye, here’s my face whenever weekend comes. 😀






Enjoy weekend y’all lovely people!





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