[outfit] fresh summer green

“What’s more toxic than what they have done, think, or have said about you is how you let your mind receive it. In a world as ours filled with so much noise and hate, what suffers the most is our minds. Know when to keep your mind shut.”― Chinonye J. Chidolue

Dearest Lovelies,

It’s been another hectic start of the week. It’s a holiday here in Germany today and I’m glad cos I didn’t have to wake up early. The problem though was, I had a restless Sunday night. I had to finish a report for a client and I couldn’t sleep after finishing it. It was already 5 am when my restless mind decided to surrender. I woke up at around 10 am so I only had more or less 5 hours of sleep. The reason why I’m feeling so tired already at the moment. In fact, I already have double vision now. 😐

Meanwhile, I just wanna share with you what Daria wore last weekend. Featuring this fresh basic look. We’re playful with colours lately that’s why today the palette of her outfit is a little different from what she used to wear. We’ve purchased a couple of pastel coloured basic T-shirts from our recent shopping and she’s obsessed with them. Perfect for the summer.














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