[diary] my birthday 2017

“A purposeful life is the most important thing in the world. And love is the most important purpose of all.”― Kamand Kojouri

Dearest Lovelies,

I had my birthday 3 days ago. My age? I would leave that up to you. I started not sharing my (real) age after I turned 20 and pretended that I belong to a certain group of people in certain age. I had friends of different ages so I would always try to blend in and have myself as if I am of the same age as them. That gives a little mystery to people who don’t know me personally. Giving them an impression that I might be of the same age as this group of people I mingle with. There was even one instance when I had to go with my younger sister’s friends who were just 18 years old then. No one even thought among the group that I am way way beyond their age. Haha! My sister would always make fun of it and would just answer them that I am only a year or two older than her.

How I spent my birthday this year

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday (like having a party). I’ve known from a classmate that in her religion (Jehova’s Witnesses), they don’t celebrate birthdays. I wanted her to come for my birthday because my parents in law were organising a party for me but she refused because of that reason. If I believe in religion, then I would fit well in their group. I find it uncomfortable having birthday parties, especially if the celebrant would be me. Just the thought of having all the attention drawn to me makes me anxious already. It would even be triple anxiety because my guests would have been 10 or more years older than me. You know being around older people means you have to limit yourself and act accordingly. Or maybe I’m just too paranoid to think this way.

Meanwhile, I was thankful because there was no birthday party. Although, we owe our oldie friends a lunch or dinner as they always invite us over for a dinner whenever someone has a birthday.  As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted this special day to be spent by the beach. But because we had trouble finding a place to stay in, we decided to have it by the lake. Thanks to a friend for recommending St. Leoner See. It was even more convenient because the place is just 30 minutes away. We stayed for 6 long hours under the sun, without the help of any umbrella or sheds. I almost died. LOL. I came from a beautiful tropical island but I swear I have never stayed under the sun more than one hour. Oh God, oh God.. I wonder how Germans manage to stay that long under the scorching hot weather. I am a very laidback person when it comes to taking a vacation that involves body of water such as beaches and lakes. I would normally just stay at the shore reading, drinking cocktails or just lying there but last Sunday, I had to dip in the water to relieve and prevent myself from getting burned. Still, I got myself a gorgeous sunburn (proof is below)

IMG_9731Thanks to the light coming from our kitchen for the fairer effect. Below is the glow in the dark version. Lol


On the other hand, while the heat of the sun was no joke for me, the water from the lake was the total opposite. It was too cold! It was an absolute new experience for me. One last thing was the amount of people before we left. There was almost no place for the newcomers to put their stuff on because the entire ground was occupied already. I have never seen such vast amount of people staying all together at the shore. It looked almost like a festival. Ah, I wish they have played some Coachella music there! 😀

We came early that’s why I had the opportunity to take this picture.

Greetings & Gifts

  1. Second Monitor – The wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I would love to have a second monitor. She bought this as an early gift. Last year, I think I asked for an office desk set. I always prefer getting valuable stuff like this than other unnecessary ones during my birthday.


2. White Trainers Shoes – I used Daria’s Paypal to purchase these shoes and promised to give her the money back since the website was not accepting my account. But my generous wife told me not to pay her anymore and that these are her additional gifts to me. Who am I to refuse?


3. Flowers  – I was almost wondering why the wife didn’t give me flowers but then when went to our parent’s house, the Wylegala family sang a Birthday Song for me and handed me these beautiful flowers.

Red roses from the wife 🌹 and white roses from Mudra and Pudra 💐
I love the ‘Mudra’ and ‘Pudra’. Haha! They thought that it’s the Filipino translation of Mom and Dad but it’s actually part of our gay lingo. 😂
No blowing of candles, just a little firework to enjoy ✨ Thanks to my sweetest wife for this cute trick!

4. Message from my dearest Mamang – Translation: “Happiest Birthday to my beautiful eldest daughter. Thanks for everything, Baby.. for spoiling your siblings here. I wish you good health, far from any danger. Always be sexy and beautiful. Miss you so much and I love you much much.” *flooded with emoticons*


She even had a little party at home in the Philippines and blew the candles for me ☺️


5. A greeting from my evil sister – Translation: “Happiest Birthday to my lovely sister. Thank you for everything. Thank you for spoiling me. Thank you for always listening to my dramas even if it’s monotonous already. Don’t worry you’ll be able to catch up to the level of my beauty soon. We miss you! See you soonest. Love love much!” *with loads of emoticons too* like mother like daughter?


And lastly. a message from the wife who greeted me numerous times that day. Lols

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 13.26.49
Sweet message isn’t it!? She absolutely exposed the crazy side of me i this beautifully Shakespeare inspired written post! 🤣





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