[outfit] my type of summer outfit

“It’s worth making time to find the things that really stir your soul. That’s what makes you really feel alive. You have to say ‘no’ to other things you’re used to, and do it with all your heart.”― Roy T. Bennett

Hola people of the world!

Guilty as charged – I know it’s been awhile again since the last time I shared my thoughts with you here. Aside from (the irony of) being such a lazy person having a very busy lifestyle, I honestly can’t write, too. It’s something I am not confident of. I have yet to learn more about the English language. Good thing, I have my wife. She’s my constant mentor, my living Google. Although, I have to admit that there are days that I am absolutely a pain in her butt. Yep, because I am asking too much. And she dislikes it so much but she never refuses anyway. Haha! You know things that I can, in a way, just use Google, but what I do is ask her instead. She even told me one time that I’d be one of the major causes of her premature death. Perhaps, she’s right. LOL!

On a side note, there’s one thing I am really proud of myself lately. I maybe lazy and that’s obviously since birth but not with my workout! Tehee. I have been really consistent and loyal with my other lover, my jumping rope. However, I do wish though to have a longer time in a day because 24-hour is just not enough. Work and sleep combined is already around 18hours. And 6hours? What is it? It’s almost nothing. 2hours of workout and I’m left with only 4 hours. Sometimes these 4 hours are even not that maximized because of our household chores. Laundries! Neverending laundries. Blame it to the wife for changing clothes so much. What’s more is that she loves making a mess in our kitchen. And I’m left with no choice but to clean it. I can’t blame her though because she only has one brain and body to work for several clients. I don’t even know how she still manages to squeeze a few minutes to cook for herself. But yeah, the sad part (for me) – she doesn’t have time to clean her mess. So, yeah, we don’t really have so much time during the weekdays. *rolling eyes

But seriously, we’re living under the same roof but we rarely talk during weekdays. Mutzii is also working so hard for our trip to Philippines and you can barely talk to her even if she’s working at home. We only have weekends for ourselves and yet our dearest parents also take a few hours of these rare chance for us being together. They always want us for weekends! Mom and dad are both a bad influence to us. First, they ruin my diet because they always have so good dinner for us! Secondly, my dearest mother loves tempting my wife. When did we ever go home from a visit from them without spending on something? Now, I owe her a couple of euros because my gullible wife has fallen into her sweet tongue again from our visit yesterday. And lastly, our home is so crowded already because they always have something for us for take home. Urghh, I think we still have the sausages from last year, from them.

Finally, I would like to end this boring post with a dope outfit, which the wife personally picked for me. I am totally loving this Irregular Distressed Design Crew Neck T-Shirt and Pocket Pigeon Printed Linen Shorts from Rosegal! If you’re the type of person who sweats like a pig (like me) especially during warm days, then this is a perfect summer style. So light and fresh!










Till then,



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