[ootd] mother + nature

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each other’s life .” – Richard Bach

Dearest Lovelies,

I would just like to share with you the good news. Our flight to the Philippines is officially confirmed!! We booked the ticket last Saturday and spent the whole day searching for places that we’d like to visit when we get there. Bad news – our dearest mother Ela wanted to come with us! Haha. But of course, I’m kidding. In fact, inviting her to my dear country is in my future plans. I just didn’t know that it would be this soon. How could we or I say no to her? She has been so nice to me since day 1. I couldn’t thank her enough for the love and kindness she showed me ever since I became part of their family. If not of the good treatment from Daria’s family, I think my depression during my earlier days here in Germany would’ve gotten worse. Plus, she’s been a wonder woman her whole life so she really deserves a life-changing vacation like this. It would be a little stressful for us (because we’d need to do so much translating) but also fun because she’s like my mom in so many ways. They would both get along well. It’s such a pity though they speak a different language..

Speaking of my early days here in Germany, Daria and I revisited the forest she first brought me when I was still new here. Here’s a breathtaking view from the mountain.


We kinda missed Mother Nature so we decided to stay in the forest and strolled around a little bit. It says on my phone that it was only 2.7 kilometers but my hips were painful this morning when I woke up. The result of our walking and climbing activity yesterday.

We have a very unpredictable weather lately that wearing a hat has been of great advantage to me, especially for someone who doesn’t like bringing an umbrella like me. This Breathable Braided Rope Straw Jazz Hat  from Rosegal doesn’t only protect me from the crazy weather. It also serves as a great accessory, which completed my weekend look! ❤












Outfit details: Rosegal Hat + Sunnies | Zaful Top + Skirt | Jeffrey Campbell Flats 


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